Frequently Asked Questions

What does a wedding planner do ?

Wedding Planner helps to assist the couple from the beginning of the planning to the end of the actual day. Wedding Planner coordinates all little details to ensure that actual day runs smoothly.

Why should we hire a wedding planner ?

Couples will be able to enjoy themselves on the actual day. Wedding Planner upon requested can help to handle some difficult situation with the couple friends and family members. We always ensure that our vendors has certain standards and of great value savings before we introduce them to our couple. The Wedding Planners will also be there on the actual day to make sure the flow of sequence is running smoothly and making sure that vendors are delivering with the expectations met.

How much is your package ?

Every individual wedding is unique. No two weddings will be the same. We are able to customise the wedding package according to the couple needs and wants. We do not have any fixed price on our services. We are very transparent with our pricing.

What are the service included in the packages ?

You can find out more about our services on our services page. Basically, we can do anything from concept designing, all the way to actual day coordination.

If i have special request to add in other vendor services ?

Yes this can be allowed. Do let us know in advance so that we are able to manage them properly.

Can you help us to set a wedding theme and wedding concept ?

Yes we can. We will get to know the couple first and find out what are their likes and dislikes. From there, we can help to design either colour themes, character themes or etc.

Will you be there on the actual day ?

Yes. We will assign at least 2 of coordinators to be with you on the actual day to make sure vendors are accounted for, and everything else runs smoothly.

Do you do other events apart from wedding services ?

We do corporate events, birthday parties, baby showers and more.. If you ever need our services on any events, do drop us a mail or alternatively, give us a ring.