Our Services

Wedding Planning

Our wedding planning starts from the day you engaged our services.

Depending on what you required, if you need a venue sourcing or you already have a venue in mind, we will then liaise with the venue directly.

We will also come up with options of the vendors, eg. venue decorator, florist, photographer, videographer so that you are able to choose based on their style which you preferred.

For bridal package, we will go with you to source for the most suitable ones and we will attend your Suit and Gown fittings together

When your actual day is nearer, we will then finalise the actual day schedule and together with all other vendors to be in sync of what’s going to happen on that day.

Wedding Coordination

Our coordination service starts 2 – 3 months before actual day to liaise with your respective vendors (MUAs, Florist, Decorators, Hotel sales coordinator), AV checks, etc.

2 x coordinators will be provided on the actual day.

We will be involved in the running of the AD with the hotel’s banquet manager and teams together with the vendors, as well as managing the time schedule of the event.

Coordination works starts from the beginning of day (morning photo session, till the end of the banquet)

We shall also be the time keeper of the Actual Day and due to our experience, we are able to foresee last minute requests as well as constantly reminding emcees, food serving, AV, and others.

Wedding Styling

Our wedding styling service is very customisable. Each and every weddings are different and based on what you like, we can give you some options.

It can be either a small photo album table setup or it can be like a walk in gallery of photos with canopy fairy lights stretched above the walk in aisle.

Let us help you to fulfil your dream wedding.