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  • Professional, passionate and fun!

    Erica and Richard worked with us for a year to plan our wedding at Open Farm Community with 60+ guests. From the outset they focused on our needs and wants to help identify the right location, decoration/styling and sourcing all the additional services needed for our event. They coordinated all the activities with Open Farm Community, helped us select a photographer, wedding cake, and transportation to/from the venue. Communication was excellent throughout the time and they met with us regularly for updates and discussions. I was impressed with their ability to give practical advice, ensure progress in preparations, and stay on budget. On the day itself, the team did an amazing job preparing the garden for the solemnisation ceremony, and decorating the restaurant and reception area. The team is really professional, well-coordinate, discreet yet attentive to us. They took care of everything, allowing us to enjoy the day fully and focus on our family and friends. In short, hiring Te Planner was the best decision we could have made. Erica and Richard are also wonderful people, and working with them for the last year has been a delight! Thank you!
    Tazkira and Tom
  • Engaging Erica and Richard’s wedding coordination services was THE best decision we have made for our wedding. I wanted our families, friends and ourselves to enjoy our wedding celebration and not have to deal with the nitty-gritty details of the wedding logistics. Despite engaging their services only 3 weeks prior to the wedding, they were able to build a strong trust and partnership and I could truly offload everything and leave it in their good hands. They were prompt, proactive, solution-driven and were also able to identify potential problems and mitigate them before they happen. They also offered to cut my wedding cake, saving us additional cost we would otherwise incur for the “cake-age fee”!
    On the wedding day, I didn’t have to worry or think, or lift a finger (or phone) to do anything – all I had to do was to look my best and be truly present for our wedding and this wouldn’t have been possible without their professional help. Erica and Richard have been an absolute dream to work with and I highly recommend them!
    Shania Tan
  • Happy to report that our wedding last Saturday went smoothly, with minimal hiccups - it would not have gone the way it did without Erica and Richard's help in coordinating our wedding. Both of them are super fast in responding to our (many) questions, and they continually demonstrated a willingness to go the extra mile for their clients.
    In the months and weeks leading up to our wedding, Erica and Richard attended our church rehearsal and the meetings with the hotel banquet team, to ensure that the day would run smoothly. They set up multiple WhatsApp groups to coordinate vendor payments, meal requirements and arrival timings. They also offered practical solutions such as handmade ribbons for car doors and assisted with the setup of our reception tables - they didn't have to, but they did.
    Often, people have the misconception that wedding coordinators / planners are an extravagance - but when you're bogged down by logistics, you simply can't enjoy your big day. There were some booboos on the part of the hotel prior to the banquet, but Erica and Richard took care of these and we weren't even aware that anything was wrong until they debriefed us when everything was over, so we could provide our feedback to the hotel and obtain some form of compensation. Yet another sign of their "client first" perspective!
    It also helps of course that their charges are super reasonable! They've already impressed a few members of our bridal party, and we would recommend them to everyone we know. A million thanks for your help guys, and all the best to you both!!
    Bridget Goh
  • Thank you Erica, Richard & team for making our Wedding day a huge success!! Erica and Richard were really sincere in helping us manage our event; and through-out the 6 months of planning, they were very willing to have WIP & Skype meetings as they understand that I am a very anxious bride. We talk like friends as they were such a friendly and easy-going team to work with! : )
    They were also very steady in handling difficult and challenging situations on our big day so that we could be left to do other things, and went out of their way to help us with errands, managing vendors, and executing things that we would not have time to do on our big day. My husband and I were very nervous but they were calm and quick on their feet to help us solve our problems.
    Throughout this 6 months period, they gave us good advice and Erica ensured that I was stress-free on my wedding day. She was really sincere in helping us ensure that we would enjoy our day.
    Richard handled all the on-ground activation with an on-the-ball spirit, AV and IT matters professionally.
    Erica, Richard and Team, you are an epic team and we are really happy to have you see through our Wedding event!! Thumbs up!!
    Sherry Ong
  • A big kudos to Erica and Richard for making our wedding a success. We will highly recommend you to engage them if you want a stress free wedding. With the two of them around, everything was well planned and controlled. Erica's design and craft work is splendid. She helped us to design our wedding album, decorate the bridal car and even make my bridal bouquet.
    Sourcing for services is the most difficult process. They are very resourceful and have a list of good vendors to recommend. Ranging from bus rental, photographer, gown rental. The pricing is based on market rate.
    Both of them are very meticulous and constantly updating us with the progress and things to do. Their experience have prepared them to handle and resolve any hiccups swiftly (e.g got me a pair of new shoes early in the morning when my shoes broke before we reached the hotel).
    My husband and I are always joking that if we never engage them, we might not even have our suits and gown ready on the actual day.
    Thanks for giving us a wonderful memory.
    Lin Pei Han
  • I would like to compliment Erica and Richard for their outstanding services. My wedding theme was modern victorian, finding a suitable planner was a challenge. Other planners just could not understand my theme, to them is just dollars and cents. I picked TE planners due to their creativity, professionalism, personalised touches of services. They were patience, helpful and sincere. I have a busy travelling schedule, nothing was impossible with my sudden requests which appear in mind. They never say NO, instead always a positive attitude. Displayed a high customer orientation by ensuring excellent delivery of services from venue decoration (Welcome sign, recep area, cheese and dessert set up, hand bouquets and corsages, car deco...and more) every details matches my victorian theme. I am so happy that I have chosen the best planner and would like to encourage all to try their services. From the bottom of our heart, kudos to TE planners and we wish you all the best!
    Chriscillia Lee
  • Erica and Richard are 2 of the most sincere and genuine planners we spoke with in Singapore. They were more than wedding stylists and in fact more of planners, stylists, coordinators all rolled into 1. They took the initiative to coordinate directly with our hotel, rather than having us as the middleman.
    They were reassuring and flexible. Even right up to the last 2 hours before the wedding we were still making changes and the team handled our requests brilliantly and professionally.
    Thanks Erica and Richard!
    Jackson Toh
  • Engage teplanner 1 year before my wedding. They are very accommodating and try their utmost best to work within the budget that we have provided. Very prompt in replying message too 🙂 on the actual day everything went well too and it was really really nice. Thumbs up for the great service Erica & team!